Terms of Service


In my opinion...While there may be lots of discussion about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here, I wish to remind everyone that ‘Missionary Mum’s Meeting Place’ is not an official LDS blog, and the opinions and comments made herein are my own and may not, in some cases, represent official doctrine or church policy.

I will make every effort to represent the church honorably, but please recognise that we are all imperfect, and I may make comments from time to time that could be misleading. If this is the case then I will make every effort to correct them

Code of Conduct:

Code of ConductI would also like to remind my guests that there are some things that are just too sacred to discuss in a public forum, so please don’t be offended if I do not allow certain comments or responses.

My motto is…

“Keep Sacred Things Sacred”

 The Privacy of Others:

The Privacy of Others‘Missionary Mum’s Meeting Place’ is the perfect forum to share some of the experiences that our missionaries are  having. I will be encouraging guests to share some of these experiences. However, it’s important for me to emphasise here two things:

1. We need to be mindful of the privacy of others. Particularly when we are discussing various conversion stories, or the personal lives of investigators. These people are on the brink of discovering who they are and seeking change in their lives. Let’s allow them to make this change on their terms, not on ours in a public space.

2. Our missionary children are precious. There are individuals (and groups) out there who will go to any means to thwart the work they are doing, including personal attacks directed towards them through letters, emails and other means. Let’s offer them some protection here by not revealing too much information about them. Please keep details of who they are and where they are serving to a minimum. My suggestion would be to just use first names and no other identifiers. This blog is more about the work they are involved in than who they are and where they are serving.

So, if you wish to share information about specific individuals, please seek permission from them before doing so, and try not to use full names or locations.

Another motto:

“Think before you share, ask before you post…”



Creative Commons License
Missionary Mum’s Meeting Place by macytraine is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

So, what does the above mean? Well, I am happy for you to share any information from this blog and even edit it, but under the condition that it is for non commercial purposes and you attribute the work back to me and this blog.


2 thoughts on “Terms of Service

    • Hi Orlando, For fear of misunderstanding your question I’ll answer it two ways. First, if you are wanting to know how you can become a member of this blog group, then there is nothing you need to do except visit here on a regular basis or subscribe to regular updates through Facebook, twitter or email (links located on the top righthand side of the homepage). No membership is needed. Secondly, if you are asking how you become a member of the LDS Church then follow this link to Mormon.org where you can request a visit from your local LDS missionaries who would love to discuss this with you. Finally, feel free to post any immediate questions here that you may have and I will endeavour to answer them 🙂

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