Feed A Missionary

You may not know it, but lately I have been a little distracted with another project. My connection with many missionary mums around the world thru the LDS Missionary Moms email group has led me into a little venture. I thought I would share it with you here, especially since this week I am running a little giveaway at the moment, and I would love for you to be a part of it.

Over the last year or two I have made a connection with many missionary mums and dads, particular those who have missionaries serving here in New Zealand. I have found that one of the biggest concerns they have had is how to send their missionaries something special from time to time without it costing an arm or a leg, or without the fear of knowing whether it will make it thru customs or not. As such, a friend and I got together and came up with this new little venture called Missionary Morsels – Bringing home-cooked comfort to the LDS missionaries of New Zealand.

Missionary Morsels offers these mums and dads a way to send their missionaries something special without it costing them the earth. Some of you may be familiar with the service that is offered thru DearElder.com where mums and dads can order freshly baked goodies for their missionaries while in the MTC and serving within the US on missions…well Missionary Morsels is a similar service offered to missionaries serving in New Zealand.

With Christmas on our doorstep, we decided to run a bit of a giveaway at Missionary Morsels. You may wonder why I am promoting this giveaway here since most of my readers probably don’t have a missionary serving in any of the three missions in New Zealand. But that shouldn’t stop you from being a part of this giveaway. There are lots of missionaries serving here (particularly from the surrounding Pacific Islands) who probably never get a package of anything from home because of economic restraints. If you are a winner of the giveaway I would be more than happy to nominate a needy missionary serving here that would love to receive a surprise Christmas package. What a fun way to feed a missionary!

If you would like to participate in this giveaway, or know someone who has a missionary serving in the Auckland, Hamilton, or Wellington Missions (or even in the NZ MTC over Christmas) then follow the link below and jump on over to be a part of this giveaway. REMEMBER, you don’t have to have a missionary serving in New Zealand to participate!

Missionary Morsels Giveaway



Ring, ring…why don’t you give me a call


Yep, and you know what that means….that long awaited phone call.

So here are my suggestions on some things you might want to include in on that conversation.

Believe me…you may think you have a grip on what you want to talk about, but when comes the voice on the other end, all thoughts flee and you become a babbling mess (well, maybe not for all of us, but it has been known to happen).

Here is that list. I posted this last Mother’s Day and at Christmas too…but always good to repost for those who may be new missionary mums and dads.

Downloadable version available at the end of this post…


These suggestions are kindly shared by Betty Pearson, who hosts the LDS Missionary Moms Email Groups. If you have a missionary serving somewhere in the world and have not yet signed up for an email group, then you are truly missing out. Betty volunteers endless hours of her spare time to provide this free service, and there are literally thousands of missionary mums connecting every day because of it.

No matter where your missionary is serving in the world, there is an email group of missionary mums connected to his/her mission. The women in these groups are fantastic. I personally belong to two groups; one connected to the mission my daughter is serving in, and the other connected to the area I live in.

Now for that list…

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, I am sure there are many more ideas that can be added to it, but it is here merely to get you started. Also, don’t think that you have to ask all these questions in one sitting.

I would suggest that you have pen and paper on hand to record any significant responses your missionary may have.

The Church in Your Area:
How many members in your ward/branch?
What is the church building like?

The Area You Serve in:
What is the town like?
Rural, small town, small city, med. city, large city?
What does the area look like?
Flat? Rolling hills? A lot of trees?
How hot is it?
How cold is it?
How often does it rain?

About Your Companion:
How is your companion?
How long has he/she been out?
Is his/her family LDS?
Do they support him/her with letters?
Life member or convert?

Your Wellbeing:
Are you sleeping well?
How is the food?
What is the best food you’ve eaten?
What is the weirdest food you’ve eaten?
How many dinner appointments do you get?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
How are your clothes?
How are your feet?
Any problems?
Do you need more toothpaste?

Your Surroundings:
What is your apt like?
Is it in a big building?
Are your neighbors friendly or scared of you?
How far away is the Mission Office?
What do you see outside your window?

Other Missionaries You Serve With:
How many in your District?
Where are they from?
Who is the District Leader?
Zone Leader?
How often do you have Zone Conference?

Your P-day Routine:
What do you usually do on P-day?
What service do you do?
How often?

The Work:
Who are you teaching at the moment?
What do they do for work?
What are some of the questions they ask?
How much door knocking do you do in a week?
How much teaching do you do in a week?

Another suggestion by one of the mums from our email group was to ask the missionary to open their journal at a random date and start reading.

Well, I hope these questions have been helpful. You may even be able to come up with some more.

Enjoy the call with your missionary and I would love to hear from you how the experience went.

Download and print a PDF of these questions – Questions to Ask on Mothers Day Use the back of the page to record any special comments or information your missionary shares.