Mum or Mom

You say potato, I say potato…

You may wonder why the title “Missionary Mum’s Meeting Place”. Well, firstly, for the benefit of my US friends, and without getting too far into the spelling habits of Aussies, the word ‘mum’ in the title is spelt correctly from my perspective. That is the way we do it down here, so no apologies will be forthcoming.

Secondly, I narrowed the focus to mum’s because in my home I am the designated email writer of the family. I am the one who has the most contact with our missionary – there being only one degree of separation between us (and that being the technology). For the rest of the family there are two degrees of separation – sometimes more.

I qualify this by stating that my husband does send, what he terms his ‘Father’s Counsel’ email once every couple of months. But I’ll be addressing this in future posts; so I don’t want to give too much away.

So, while this site is open for all family members of missionaries to participate in and visit, I suspect that the majority of visitors will be mum’s.

But of course, if you are not a mum, and are happily visiting then I would love for you to give me a shout out and put me in my place…