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As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the message we are getting from our church leaders, in regards to the use of social media, is loud and clear.  Elder Ballard admonished in 2008 that, through the use of social media, members could, “help demystify the Church”.

Elder Ballard described the Internet as a ‘Modern Printing Press’ that can be used for both good and bad. He then invited each of us to join the online conversation to help balance out any misleading information about the Church.

The magnitude of effect we can have is highlighted by Kathryn Scaggs, a well-known LDS blogger, when she suggested that our combined efforts could also, “…help broaden the official presence of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…”

Recently released General Relief Society President, Sis. Julie B. Beck, declared more specifically that, through blogs, the women in the church can have an influence for good,

“They can express their faith; if they can express what families mean to them. If they can serve in a way to seek out and help those who are in need of those covenants and ordinances and the blessings of the gospel in a distinct and different and happy way…” (See my post, titled ‘Bringing Depth to this Blog’ for the full video)

The connection between these statements and the topic of this blog is found within the fact that, as members of the church, we each need to find our own unique way to effectively participate in the broadening of this presence through social media.

With around 55,000 LDS missionaries servings throughout the world today, there are just as many mums out there wanting to know more about what their son/daughter is experiencing, why they are experiencing certain things, and how the family can (from so far a distance) help them be more effective in their missionary work.

As a missionary mum myself, I have often asked myself the following:

  • How can I support my missionary when he/she is discouraged?
  • What is an appropriate gift to send for Christmas or birthdays?
  • What should I write about in the weekly email?
  • What would other missionary mum’s do in this particular situation?

So what better way to connect with like-minded mum’s than through this blog, while also helping to broaden the presence of the church?

The ‘Missionary Mum’s Meeting Place’ is here for anyone, but perhaps more specifically for those who have a connection to an LDS missionary currently serving, those who may have received their call, or an LDS missionary who is preparing to serve in the future.


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