Feed A Missionary

You may not know it, but lately I have been a little distracted with another project. My connection with many missionary mums around the world thru the LDS Missionary Moms email group has led me into a little venture. I thought I would share it with you here, especially since this week I am running a little giveaway at the moment, and I would love for you to be a part of it.

Over the last year or two I have made a connection with many missionary mums and dads, particular those who have missionaries serving here in New Zealand. I have found that one of the biggest concerns they have had is how to send their missionaries something special from time to time without it costing an arm or a leg, or without the fear of knowing whether it will make it thru customs or not. As such, a friend and I got together and came up with this new little venture called Missionary Morsels – Bringing home-cooked comfort to the LDS missionaries of New Zealand.

Missionary Morsels offers these mums and dads a way to send their missionaries something special without it costing them the earth. Some of you may be familiar with the service that is offered thru DearElder.com where mums and dads can order freshly baked goodies for their missionaries while in the MTC and serving within the US on missions…well Missionary Morsels is a similar service offered to missionaries serving in New Zealand.

With Christmas on our doorstep, we decided to run a bit of a giveaway at Missionary Morsels. You may wonder why I am promoting this giveaway here since most of my readers probably don’t have a missionary serving in any of the three missions in New Zealand. But that shouldn’t stop you from being a part of this giveaway. There are lots of missionaries serving here (particularly from the surrounding Pacific Islands) who probably never get a package of anything from home because of economic restraints. If you are a winner of the giveaway I would be more than happy to nominate a needy missionary serving here that would love to receive a surprise Christmas package. What a fun way to feed a missionary!

If you would like to participate in this giveaway, or know someone who has a missionary serving in the Auckland, Hamilton, or Wellington Missions (or even in the NZ MTC over Christmas) then follow the link below and jump on over to be a part of this giveaway. REMEMBER, you don’t have to have a missionary serving in New Zealand to participate!

Missionary Morsels Giveaway




4 thoughts on “Feed A Missionary

  1. Tracy, this is brilliant! I only wish that there was something like this in southern Chile! Here’s hoping this works out well for all involved! When it takes a month to get something to Houston, we know we can never send anything fresh or homemade. I love that you are doing this! Good luck!

    • Janie,
      I only wish I had the power to do this worldwide, but at least I can fix my own little corner of the world. The mums are so appreciative of it.
      Thanks for the vote of support

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