The Forgotten Missionaries

I’ve been absent for a while because I am on holidays with family (loving every minute of the sun and surf here in Queensland, Australia). But just wanted to share something quickly with you.

For the last week I have been involved in a conversation with some other missionary mums about the many missionaries who don’t receive any gifts from home over the Christmas season. For example, here in the Brisbane Australia Mission, as off Monday this week, there were 45 elders and 12 sisters who had not received a gift through the mail. As a result, I am in the process of delivering 3 gifts to the local mission office here in Brisbane to be given to any missionaries who haven’t received one.

I know it’s rather late, but I would encourage all of you out there to do something similar if you are in a position to. There are many families who just don’t have the means to send their missionary something for Christmas. There are also missionaries who don’t have family to send them anything. So, if you are in the position to, contact your local mission office and ask if gifts are needed. I know it is very close to Christmas, but most missions have the ability to deliver gifts to their missionaries right up to the last minute.

Let’s not forget them…

I would also like to wish you all a wonderful christmas and an amazing new year. Lots of new things to discuss in 2013. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts…



4 thoughts on “The Forgotten Missionaries

    • Agreed Carolyn, there are many missionaries who come from third world countries or who’s families just don’t have the means to send gifts long distance. It would be great to know that every missionary is taken care of over the Christmas season 🙂

  1. I know this comes 7 months late…but for the next Christmas season is there a way to find out where to send gifts to missionaries? What if we would like to write missionaries from around the world too, but don’t know any names or locations? How would we find that information?

    • Julia,

      There is no central database of missionaries and where they serve. As you can appreciate this is definitely for privacy purposes etc. But I would start within my own area if I were looking to give gifts to missionaries at Christmas time. Look to the missionaries in your own ward, or family friends who have missionaries serving. That’s the best course to take. Thanks for dropping by.

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