Coming Home

Well, that brings us to the end of ‘The Return of the Missionary’ Series. I have enjoyed bringing it to you, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. But most importantly, I hope that as a family you can take the time to discuss the ideas shared here so that you can more effectively prepare for the return of your missionary.

Thank you to Dave and Wendy Ulrich for giving me the framework of this series, and thanks to my brother-in-law and his wife for sharing with me some of their thoughts on the matter.

To finish it up I thought I would share a quick video that a friend sent me this week. I know it may set off the waterworks, but I think it says it all, and is a fitting way to finish this series.

Here is a recap of all this things we covered in this series:

  1. Introduction to ‘The Return of the Missionary’ Series
  2. To Pick Them Up Or Not
  3. Excitement and Disorientation
  4. The Need for Structure
  5. Big Goals, Little Steps
  6. Renegotiating Family Relationships
  7. Friends and Dating
  8. Singles Wards and Church Callings
  9. Finding Meaning
  10. Getting Help
  11. 13 Guidelines to a Softer Transition

Tomorrow I am going to get up close and personal about my daughters return and share what it feels like for a mother the day before her missionary arrives home.


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