The Perfect Gift

Kangaroo Skin Scripture Covers

I want to share with you something that I thought would be the perfect gift for a missionary. With Christmas not far away, this might just be what you are looking for – Kangaroo Skin Scripture Covers.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to choosing an appropriate gift for my missionary it is REALLY difficult. I want to recognise her special day, but I don’t want to take focus away from what she is doing. You know…avoid losing sight of the bigger picture.

So when we started to discuss this in one of our Missionary Mom Email Groups – the South Pacific  group to be exact – I was really excited to discover what I thought would be just the right gift for a missionary. In fact it was staring me right in the face, as I actually had had one of these for more than 20 years myself.

Instead of having me tell you about it, I thought it would be fun to have Bruce Harlow, the owner of Australian Skins and Souvenirs, tell you about this fabulous and unique idea.

But before I do that I want to assure you that these scripture covers are available to anyone, worldwide. Bruce makes and mails them regularly all around the world (he will even deliver to your missionary if you provide the mailing address), so don’t feel that you do not qualify to order one for your missionary. I will supply details of how you can order these scripture covers at the end of this post.

Anyway, enough from me. Here is what Bruce has to say about the history of this business and the unique products he makes and sells:


Our company Australian Skins & Souvenirs Pty Ltd has been manufacturing sheepskin, kangaroo skin products and selling souvenirs since 1968.  We have our own retail stores under the name Skinnsy Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Sydney and Toowoomba, Australia.  We currently manufacture about 200 different products eg Ugg boots, sheepskin seat covers, medical sheepskin products etc.

As our business in the 1970 & early 80’s was located below the LDS church mission office in Brisbane, we donated a kangaroo skin to be presented to Pres Kimball when he was in Australia in the mid 1970’s and we sold a lot of souvenirs and scripture covers to the missionaries.

My parents and their 5 children joined the church in 1974 due largely to the constant missionary contact from the mission office being upstairs.  My wife and I have 20 grand children and my brothers and sisters also have lots of grandchildren.  The church has been such a wonderful influence in all of our lives and has kept our family close together.

Australia is overrun with kangaroos – most species are protected but a couple are culled under government supervision to control their numbers as the sheep, cattle and grain farmers could not survive otherwise.  First grade skins are selected for their fur, cut out and sewn together in our factory.

Our business offers members 10% discount off all products unless they are on sale, however scripture covers are already sold at member price. We have made scripture covers in sheepskin, calf skin and kangaroo leather but the most popular is kangaroo skin with the fur on.

We make a mini quad $39.00, standard quad $54.00 and large print $69.00.  Both the standard quad and large print have zippa pockets as well and all covers are kangaroo skin with a suede carry handle.  We can make other sizes if given dimensions.  Missionaries also purchase a lot of souvenirs – we stock over 2000 lines.

—Bruce Harlow


I just want to add that I purchased a ‘Roo’ skin scripture case from Bruce back in the late 80s and it housed my precious scriptures for over 20 years. It was hardy, long lasting and so soft to handle. I would highly recommend his products.

As promised, here are your options if you are interested in purchasing one of these scripture covers:

1. Bruce’s company has a website. However, this website doesn’t include the scripture covers yet. But you can visit the Australian Skins & Souvenirs website and send them a contact email with a request to purchase one. Let them know the size (eg regular quad, regular bible, triple of compact), and what colour and kind of skin you want (grey or red, long or short fur).

2. Go to my Contact Me Page and send me a request for Bruce’s email address and I will forward it on to you.


I have not received compensation or benefitted in any way from this post. It is shared purely out of the love for this product and a desire to share all that is good for our amazing missionaries


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