My Return

Private Beach on a Motu (small island) off Bora Bora

As some of you may know I’ve been absent for the last two weeks because my husband and I have been celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in the South Pacific. I had hoped to be able to contribute here while away, but access to the internet was severely limited.

After watching the classic movie ‘South Pacific’ at about the age of 14, I set my sights on visiting the Tahitian Islands one day. You know that thing you do when you are young – you develop a dream and know that one day you might just realise it?

Well, about 20 years ago my husband began a job where it required him to travel to Tahiti once every year or two. The realisation of that dream seemed to be within my reach all those years ago. So, I went out and got a picture of one of the Tahitian islands and stuck it up on my fridge door.

It sat there for 11 years.

In that time I never gave up hope that I would get there. Over the years, and many relocations later, that picture has been lost. But not the dream. It has been faithful and stayed with me.

It seems that the stars were in our favour this year as we anticipated celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Work schedules aligned with study and home responsibilities. A window of time appeared and, just when we thought it wasn’t going to happen, we secured passage on the M/S Paul Gauguin, and spent a week floating amidst the jewel of the pacific and then another week exploring on land. Much fun was had, with lots of snorkeling, swimming, eating and sightseeing. We even relived our youth at one stage and hired a scooter to explore one of the many tropical islands for an afternoon.

A 40 year dream had finally come true…

On the Island of Moorea, with the Island of Tahiti in the background.

Now back to reality, I am left with some amazing memories and photos. Over the next couple of weeks I will share some of those images and memories on my personal blog ‘An Aussie Girl Meets Aotearoa’. So you are welcome to visit me there and maybe even develop a similar dream.

M/S Paul Gauguin


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