Advice on Representing the Church

I am planning on publishing a series on how we as members of the church can join the online conversation. But there is a fair bit of research that I need to put into this. So I thought it would be nice to share this short video with you in the meantime.

Elder L. Whitney Clayton (From the Presidency of the Seventy) discusses with Sherri L. Dew ways in which we as members can share our story with the world at large. In there he quotes the scripture, “…if ye are prepared ye shall not fear” D&C 38:30. He also suggests some ways that we can prepare ourselves.


2 thoughts on “Advice on Representing the Church

  1. I’m excited to see this series as it comes out.

    I’d like to give an idea on how we can jump into the conversation ourselves. One thing that I find extremely easy, as well as helpful, is to find a Mormon Message that I like on, and share it as my Facebook status with a quick comment as to why I think that video is important. I have received nothing but good feedback from those that look at it, and you never know who is going to see your post. The Lord works in mysterious ways, we can help him use Facebook as a means to speak to his children.


    • Good to know Chris. I have had in the back of my mind for quite some time. There is no reason why we as regular, everyday members can’t take the opportunity to do some missionary work ourselves. Best way to be able to relate to our full time missionaries for sure.
      LOVE your idea Chris. I have noticed several of my friends doing the similar things. Other options are to share General Conference talks that have really impressed you. The Internet is so full of opportunities for us to quietly share our stories. Thanks for sharing yours Chris 🙂

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