The Excitement is Building

Mother's Day card

Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Are you excited?

I am…

What will this day hold for you?

For me, I am going to have to wait an extra day before I get my call. With time differences, if my daughter rang me on her Sunday morning, it would be middle of the night here. So I will have to be patient.

Indeed, we don’t expect our call till about 10am Monday morning (for which my son is extremely excited, as it means having the morning off from school). This is due to the fact that my missionary has a baptism on the Saturday, and then the confirmation will occur on the Sunday (afternoon church). What a busy little missionary she is.

So I will happily wait the extra few hours to talk with her. I can just imagine the excitement she will exude after such a great weekend.

Don’t forget to have that list of questions at hand when the call comes through. I have added a downloadable version of them at the end of the post Ring, Ring…Why Don’t You Give Me a Call.

Here is a link to a Time Zone and Meeting Calculator. It may be a bit late for this time round, but I usually calculate the time difference on the date/s they can call, and then copy and past the results directly into the email to my daughter a few weeks before the call happens.

Tell us about your arrangements for the day. Are you allowed to skype? Or is it a phone call? Do you expect to get a call at all? Who will be there for the call? What are some of the unique things you do when your missionary calls?

I would also love to hear how it all went, so I will post again on Tuesday to get an update.


4 thoughts on “The Excitement is Building

  1. We get to Skype. But don’t know when yet. Waiting for this week’s email with the details. With the Philippines only 2 hours behind us, it won’t be too hard …at least I think it won’t!! At Christmas time it was Boxing Day for us, as Christmas day was on a Sunday, but we were cool with that, just happy to have the opportunity to Skype!

    Enjoy your call.

    • Yes, we had a similar experience at Christmas time. Boxing Day at 5am in the morning, as we were about to drive back to Brisbane that day. I’m with you on that Terry, doesn’t matter what day it is, as long as it happens. I would love to hear how your call went, so let us know next week.

    • This depends on the rules of the mission. Your missionary should be able to let you know ahead of time what his/her mission rules are in terms of time limits. Perhaps if you are local enough you could also phone the mission office and ask them. Generally tho’ it is usually about 1 hour.

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