Food Friday

As a missionary myself 30 years ago (if you say it really quickly it doesn’t sound quite so bad), we were actually forbidden to eat with any members, or non-members, unless special permission was granted from the Mission President. So my companions and I would almost always have to prepare our own evening meals.

With time constraints, this was often a challenging task, made worse by the fact that many missionaries didn’t even know how to boil a simple egg. So, a good sound knowledge of the kitchen was a highly prized skill when anticipating a new companion…especially for the Elders! Many Elders fell into the non-egg boiling category.

It seems that missionaries these days have little chance of doing much of their own cooking. Depending on the mission, but as a general rule, members of the church throughout the world now cheerfully prepare meals each night for our hard working sons and daughters.

Something for which we missionary mum’s are very grateful for I might add.

However, there are times when missionaries serve in an area where it is just not possible for the local member to feed them every night. It’s pretty safe to say that every missionary will probably serve in one of these areas during their time out.

Optimum health and wellbeing is critical for our missionaries to serve effectively. So to maintain a balanced, healthy diet, it is important for them to be able to have some simple recipe ideas up their sleeves for those times when member meals are not available.

For this reason I thought it might be a good idea to start a series on meals for missionaries; just some quick, simple, but delicious meal ideas for a missionary on the run. So, here it is, “Food Friday”. Every Friday I will add another recipe or two to the list.

If you would like to add a recipe to the list then please email me at

Recipes so far:

  1. Scrummy Baked Potatoes
  2. Taco Rice Salad
  3. Pancakes at the Maurer’s
  4. Beef and Sweet Potato Burgers
  5. Pasta Parmigiana
  6. Impossible Pie
  7. An Aussie Take on Chilli

2 thoughts on “Food Friday

  1. Tracy – It does seem strange to know that WE didn’t have the luxury of having the members feed us, we had to cook for ourselves. My missionary son said he is well taken care of in Utah and we try to feed the missionaries serving here often as well. Knowing some simple recipes is a great idea! Love the Blog. –A missionary MUM and your mission mum too! 🙂 Tonja

    • 🙂 Thanks mission MUM. I actually think that it was fun having to make our own meals. I learnt a lot from all my companions about different kinds of food. My missionary daughter is the same as your son where she is; doesn’t have to cook much at all. But she was in an area where there were lots of students once, and didn’t have many dinner appointments then.

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