Respect and Protect

The Privacy of OthersWhen my daughter received her mission call in the mail, that is not all she got that week. A few days after opening her call, and after she had broadcast to family and friends where she was going and when she was leaving, she received another interesting letter in the mail box.

It was addressed to her as a sister missionary. Upon opening it, she was surprised to find that the letter contained literature that was not favourable to the church. In fact it was clear that she had been targeted by an individual, or group, because she was a newly called missionary for the church. While the contents of the letter found its way to the bin very quickly, it highlighted something that we should all be very aware of in todays connected world.

Be very careful about what you share online…

Not just what you share about yourself, but what you share about others, including your loved ones. Now, I don’t really know where this person or group got her contact details from, as I’ve taught all my children from a young age to be very careful about what they share online, but there are multiple ways that people can find details if they really want to – both online and offline.

So, when developing this blog, I was very sensitive to the privacy issues that could arise from such a site. For that reason I have created a page, ‘Terms of Service’, in which I outline the privacy policy for this blog. This is for two main reasons:

1. We need to be mindful of the privacy of those who don’t participate in this blog. Particularly when we are discussing various conversion stories, or the personal lives of investigators. These people are on the brink of discovering who they are and seeking change in their lives. Let’s allow them to make this change on their terms, not on ours in a public space.

2. There are individuals (and groups) out there who will go to any means to thwart the work our missionaries are doing, including personal attacks directed towards them through letters, emails and other means. Opposition will come to them in many forms, not just at the door.

Hence, I direct you to my ‘Terms of Service‘ page so you can understand that I have the interest of your missionary sons, daughters and their investigators at heart, and a hope that we can all respect and protect those we love. Indeed, my motto is:

“Think before you share, and ask before you post…”


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